Synergy Car Hire is a registered Trade Mark managed by Travel Synergy LTD, therefore the services available on this website are operated by Travel Synergy LTD.
Travel Synergy Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales (Number: 11075805)

Our office address is:
Kemp House,
152 – 160 City Road,
London, EC1V 2NX

Why does Synergy Car Hire collect information?

When you contact us and enquire about our services, we ask you to provide personal information on this website, such as name, email, address, telephone number, age, whether you have a driver’s licence and the services you are interested in. We use this information only for the following purposes:

  • We may approach you for newsletters, offers and useful tips/information. However, we will always explicitly ask for your consent.
  • To better match our services to your needs.

How safe is your data with Synergy Car Hire?

Here at Synergy Car Hire, we manage the information of our users as safely as possible. We only request for the information which is absolutely necessary when the client inquires about our services and we only use it for these purposes.

Synergy Car Hire has taken the following measures to protect your data:

  • Payments take place in a secured environment
  • We use secure connections, and our website encrypts your data using a 256-bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. This can be recognized by the web address starting with https:// instead of the common http://. This implies that messages are encrypted and that any messaging between you and our website cannot be intercepted by third parties.
  • We only use credit/debit card information to process payments; the details are not stored on our server. This minimizes the risk of improper use of your payment card details.
  • The software on our servers is always updated, hereby minimising break-in attempts.

To whom may we disclose your personal information?

Third Parties
We are sometimes required to provide information to third parties when we purchase a product or service from them. We only do so in order for that party to provide the product or service you ordered (in this case we operate as intermediary).

We will provide your personal information to the authorities if compelled to do so.

Which personal information and data do we collect?

Some information is collected using cookies.
Cookie: a text file that is stored by servers on your computer’s hard drive.

A cookie contains:

  • Information about you as a visitor of our website
  • Information to store your preferences for our website

We also collect information about your computer/computer usage such as:

  • IP address: this is only stored if you contact us on the chat service available on the website. We do so, to exclude possible spam or unwanted authors of messages on the chat service (to be able to stop abuse).
  • Requested URL
  • Time when you visited the website
  • The referer-url
  • Your search and how you performed it (via which search engine, using which search terms, etc.)
  • User-agent-string
  • Screen size
  • Internet browser
  • Operating system

All this information is stored and updated in log files on our servers. The objective of collecting this information is to better match our services and products with your needs and interests.

Google Analytics

Synergy Car Hire website uses Google Analytics. This is a web analysis service offered by Google.
This program uses cookies to help us analyse how visitors interact with our website. Google saves the information collected on servers in the United States.
Google may disclose this information to third parties if legally required to do so or if Google calls in third parties to process the information.

If you do not wish to receive our promo’s

When a future client contacts us using the contact forms on our website, we are asking for your consent to receive our Promos. If not given, Synergy Car Hire will not contact you, unless you request future services from us.

If you contact us in any other way and do not wish to receive information from Synergy Car Hire, you can inform and request this from us directly.

What are your rights?

You may ask Synergy Car Hire to disclose which of your data is being processed.
You may ask us remove your information.

Misuse of our website

If we are of the opinion that facilities on our website are misused, we may take measures including:

  • Denying access to certain IP numbers for an unlimited amount of time
  • Denying access to certain email addresses for an unlimited amount of time
  • Denying certain persons access for an unlimited amount of time
  • Transferring the relevant information to a third party, should harm have been caused to the third party concerned
  • Trying to trace your information back to you in order to contact you or your parent, guardian, supervisor, person responsible, etc.
  • Notifying the police which may lead to us suing you