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Travelling with children

Travelling with children

Travelling with children transforms your holiday entirely. Taking care of someone when you are supposed to rest and relax might be hard but all the struggle will pay off when experiencing all those beautiful moments together. Some of those who are travelling for the first time with a child, aren’t sure what to expect.

Those who aren’t at their first experience are certain that they must take some precautions. The silence and relaxation you long for are turned into excitement and energy, which is great too but a bit more demanding.

Caring for the little ones during your vacation will transform your experience, but definitely will enhance every moment of your holiday.

So, here are a few tricks to make things easier when travelling with children

Bring along your child’s favorite toy

Or activity book. Or device with any apps or games they enjoy playing. During your trip you might have to endure long waiting hours until you will reach your destination. Anything that keeps them busy is gold!

Also, giving them a camera to take their own pictures during the holiday would keep them entertained and excited.

Rent a car instead of taking the bus or train!

Public transportation may be cheaper when travelling alone, but when you travel with your family or in larger groups, it can get really pricey.
Renting a car might save you loads of money and time during your vacation. It is an effective way of travelling that comes with many other advantages.
It saves you time. Finding stations, routes, respect timetables are complications you can avoid, if you rent a car. The only waiting time is at the airport when collecting the car. Once the car is collected, you get all the freedom you need during your vacation. You are much more flexible and comfort is obvious.

Booking a car is a quick and easy and thanks to our custom service Family Car Hire, you can access the best rental options for your family. Just let us know what your requirements are and we’ll make all the arrangements for you!

Chose a family hotel

A child friendly hotel will keep your little ones entertained. Most of them have playgrounds, kids’ pools, kids’ clubs, nurseries, professional entertainers and exciting activities your kids would love. And you’ll love them too because they come with a few hours of well-deserved child-free relaxation!

Chose a destination together with your child

Finding a destination that makes every member of the family happy is a hard task, indeed. You’ll need to discuss opportunities, hobbies, time, budget, and all the details that define your vacation. Travelling should be a fulfilling experience for everybody, so knowing and discussing everyone’s needs is a must. And above all, most children who are eager to get to their dream location are very good behaved!